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Please read the appointment description carefully before booking. 

If you need any help booking please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or by phone 01865 965027

Pre-operative Consultation


All patients must be seen for a Pre-op Consultation before any surgical procedure. During this appointment, you can discuss the removal of blemishes, moles, cysts, warts or anything else you would like to have removed. Your doctor will discuss methods of removal, expected outcomes and will provide you with a clear cost for the procedure.  Small blemishes can sometimes be removed during this appointment if the doctor feels it is appropriate.

Please book a 'pre-operative appointment'

Skin Diagnosis/ Treatment Consultation


This appointment is for the diagnosis and management of skin conditions. This appointment is needed for any skin condition e.g. acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis etc.

If you would like to have any moles/lesions removed then this can also be discussed.

For Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) treatment, please only book with Dr Anderson.

Please book a 'Skin diagnosis and treatment' consultation

Full Body Mole and Blemish Check


A full body mole and blemish check and advice on self-monitoring and management. You can also discuss removal and the doctor will provide prices if desired. 

Please book a 'Full body mole and blemish check'

Procedure Appointment

£ various

If you have already seen a doctor you may have been advised to book a procedure appointment.  You will need to select a time length. Please refer to your clinical notes if unsure. You will be charged a deposit to make this appointment. This fee will be deducted from final payment.

Bookings and Prices: List

Procedure Price List

The pricing structure is outlined below. 

Your doctor will always offer the most cost-effective option during your pre-operative appointment. 

Blemish Removal

Small <4mm - £135

Medium 4-8mm - £155

Large 8-12mm - £215

Extra Large >12mm - £280

(Additional removals in the same session will see a significant reduction in price)

Multiple blemish/ lesion removal 

If you have a number of small lesions/ blemishes to be removed then this option may be most cost effective.  It is charged by doctor time. 

15 minutes £205

30 minutes £310

45 minutes £415

60 minutes £530

Mole Removal (Shave Method)

Small <4mm - £165

Medium c. 6mm - £215

Large c. 8mm - £280

Extra Large >10mm)- £335

Prices range from £130-190 for additional moles removed in the same session. 

Mole Removal (Cut & Stitch Method)

1cm - £415

2cm - £515

3cm - £565

Prices range from £160-240 for additional moles removed in the same session. 

Cyst / Lipoma Removal

Small - £485

Medium - £595

Large - £705

Extra large - £815

Prices range from £225-330 for additional cysts removed in the same session

Cortisone Injections

First Injection - £165

(Additional injection - £30)

Wart & Verruca Treatment

15 minute session - £185

30 minute session - £295

Keloid Scar Excision

Small - £175

Medium - £265

Large - £485

Prices range from £110-260 for additional keloid scars removed in the same session


1-2 samples - £95

>3 samples - £135

Your doctor will advise on whether they recommend sending a specimen to the lad for analysis. We do not make any profit on histology samples as we recognise the importance of ensuring these tests are as accessible as possible. 

Some facial or complex procedures may incur an additional fee. This fee is between £50 - £150. This covers the additional time a doctor will need for suturing and ensuring the best outcomes. Your doctor will make it clear if your procedure falls into this category prior to any treatment.

Bookings and Prices: List
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