Understanding your skin condition, explaining the options and offering accessible and timely solutions

GP specialists in dermatology

First and foremost, at Oxona, we’re GPs. We’re committed to providing the best care and patient outcomes. To do this, we have chosen specialisms that we are passionate about and built our clinics around these areas of knowledge and understanding.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. This starts by understanding that you are not alone and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. We combine experience and expertise with empathy. We want patients who require dermatology treatment and skin care management to have access to a deeper knowledge of their skin and skin care.

Skin surgery, procedures & treatment

We take the time to fully understand and listen to your needs and concerns, then we explore all the options available to you, with you. When it comes to treatment, management and monitoring, we go through the practicalities of each option, with realistic timeframes and transparent pricing. Then you are fully informed to make the right decision.

Our Specialisms

Treatment of acne

We know that  Our team of specialist GPs listen to you and help you understand treatment and management options; acting fast.

Treatment of eczema

Dry, itchy, scaly skin, and blisters can affect people’s lives and lifestyles, but they don’t have to. At Oxona, we take time to really understand your dermatological condition and find the best possible treatment. 

Mole mapping, management & removal

Full body mole mapping and monitoring for complete peace of mind and laboratory testing, if necessary. Mole removal by shave excision or formal excision, with local anaesthetic and aftercare.

Treatment of Cysts

Complete removal of scalp and body sebaceous cysts using cryotherapy or cautery, and keloid scar reduction and removal. Pre-op and post-procedure consultations and pain relief options available.

Treatment of Warts and Verrucas

We can treat warts and verrucas these with liquid nitrogen. This freezes them to a very low temperature and allows them to easily fall off.

Treatment of Skin Tags

These common and some-what annoying tags can easily be removed by Oxona doctors using a freezing techniques or cautery. We can arrange to remove multiple tags in one session if needed.

Treatment of Seborrhoeic Keratosis

These harmless growths that we get with age can easily be removed for an improved cosmetic result. 

Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma

This common skin cancer is slow growing and can be easily be removed by one of our experts. Unfortunately, there are some rare subtypes (or particularly complex ones near the nose mouth or eye) that we cannot remove at Oxona, but instead we can refer you to an NHS consultant dermatologist or a private clinician who specialise in these difficult areas.

Treatment of Cherry Angiomas

These are bright red harmless growths that usually appear with age. They are easily removed by our doctors with a cautery technique.

Treatment of Malignant Melanoma

Melanomas are becoming more common in the UK as we spend more time in the sun. If we spot a melanoma during your consultation we can refer you immediately to an NHS consultant and you will be seen within 2 weeks for a formal diagnosis and surgery. If you wish to be seen privately, we can also refer you to a private consultant.

Treatment of Keloid scars

Keloid scars can’t be removed completely, but there are several ways to improve their appearance. Oxona’s specialists offer consultation and a range of therapies, helping you choose the right path for you.

Treatment of Lipomas

Lipomas are rarely a cause for concern, although it is important to have them checked out. We offer surgical removal procedures under local anaesthetic.

Treatment of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Seborrhoeic Dermatitis can cause dandruff in the hairline as well redness and flakiness usually on the T-zone of the face. This common condition can easily be treated by our Oxona doctors.

Treatment of Rosacea

Rosacea is commonly under diagnosed and under treated. We will ensure that you get the expert treatment plan that you deserve. 

Treatment of Fungal nail infection

This is common in the adult population and can cause embarrassment as well as discomfort.  There are effective treatments but you do have to be patient as it can take several months of treatment to get rid of it.

Treatment for other skin conditions

Our Dermatology doctors don’t just treat the common skin conditions. Our expertise means that we can diagnose and treat uncommon and rare conditions as well.

How it works

From the moment you book your appointment to post-treatment care, we’re here to support you.

  • Booking your appointment
    With Oxona, there’s no need for a referral and you can book your appointment online, over the phone or by email. All appointments require a pre-paid deposit due at the time of booking.
  • Consultation
    Our specialists will give you the time you need to discuss your problem, making sure you are truly heard. Your questions will be answered with understanding and impartial advice, so you feel ready to make an informed decision.
  • Treatment plan
    Our treatment plans are based on you as an individual, rather than off the shelf. Taking into account your symptoms, medical history and any anxieties, we’ll explore all available options and respect your decisions.
  • Aftercare
    Your care doesn’t end after your treatment. Our team are on hand to offer free post-operative support, and to answer any questions about your treatment plan. 
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Why choose Oxona?


Your appointment will provide you with the time necessary to discuss your concerns thoroughly. Unlike many NHS appointments, our doctors can start from the beginning, address all your questions thoroughly, and ensure that you feel truly heard.

Expert care

All our specialists have devoted time to developing their unique skill sets to ensure that you receive the highest quality care. They are highly trained in their respective areas of expertise to guarantee the best possible outcomes for you.

Fair & transparent pricing

All our prices are transparent and available for viewing on our website. There are no hidden costs. Should you require further guidance on pricing, our reception team will be happy to assist you via email or phone.

Appointment availability

We know busy lifestyles and work schedules can make booking appointments tricky.  We offer a range of appointment days and times, including Saturdays in our larger centres, to provide the flexibility that you need.  

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What our patients think

It took me quite a long time to find somewhere to have my cyst removed and after a little bit of googling and a personal recommendation I picked Oxona Healthcare. I must say it was a great choice.

Both Dr Rai and the nurse [Alison] were so lovely. All the visits were very relaxed and I felt like being cared for very well. Having the cyst removed wasn’t the loveliest experience in the world but it didn’t take long and it was all done. It’s been 2 weeks now and I can’t wait for my scab to fall off so I can finally see the results.

I will definitely come back If I decide to have anything else checked or removed and I would like to recommend Oxona Healthcare to anybody who is trying to decide what clinic to pick.

- Jana, Didcot

Dr Joshi was fantastic. Very easy to book an appointment. Everything was on time and Dr Joshi talked me through all of his observations to teach me how to check my own skin. Excellent service at a reasonable price.

- Chris, Oxford

I had a sebaceous cyst removed by Dr Anderson, after having previously used a different clinic for an earlier cyst. I cannot emphasise enough just how different the level of service was. For my fee (which was reasonable and in line with other clinics), I had three face to face appointments. The first was a consultation where everything was fully examined and then explained to me, next was the cyst removal and this was then followed a week later by stitch removal. I also received a phone call from Dr Anderson a couple of days after my cyst removal to check how I was. This is first class service and Dr Anderson, together with Jasmine and Laura, make a wonderful team. They are friendly and put you at ease but remain very professional throughout. All fees were clearly explained, payment was straightforward and I received notes after each appointment. I would not hesitate to recommend them and will return in the blink of an eye should I need to.

Vineeta, Oxford

I couldn’t recommend Oxona more. After being frustrated by NHS wait times I contacted Oxona and they couldn’t have been more helpful. They did everything they could to help fit me before I went on holiday. The service was 5 star, Dr Badiani and Kellie were excellent and took care to ensure the best results for me. The aftercare was also excellent and I am extremely happy with the results. The St Albans practice was lovely and I felt very comfortable there. The service was worth every penny and I wouldn’t hesitate contacting them in the future.

Grace, St Albans

What a service!  We have never had such speedy and efficient booking and treatment. My son was really suffering with a mole he kept catching and bleeding. Dr Sharief removed it there and then for him. She was so reassuring and made us feel relaxed throughout. I have sat longer in the waiting room at other private hospitals than the whole consultation and removal at Oxona.  The price was very reasonable. You made my son so happy! I cannot give you enough praise. Thank you to all your team. 

Matteo, Chipping Norton

Frequently asked questions

Can I claim for my appointment on insurance?

You need to speak to your insurer prior to your appointment. Some insurers will reimburse you for the appointment, but you will need to present any documentation at the time of your appointment for the doctor to sign. Please note that all our doctors are registered with the GMC on the GP register not the consultant register. Please ensure you make this clear to your insurers at the outset.

Do you treat children under the age of 18?

Yes, we can treat under 18s at both our clinics. However, for more invasive procedures or those requiring a certain level of pain tolerance, such as verruca freezing, we would recommend only over 10s.

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