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Keloid scars

For keloid scars please book a 'pre-operative appointment' 

Keloid scars: Text

What are keloid scars?

Keloid scars are harmless growths that are a result of abnormal healing after an injury. They occur more frequently on the shoulders, chest, ear-lobes, upper arms and cheeks. They only occur in some patients and the reason for this is unknown. Keloid scars are challenging as there are no totally effective treatments. The best results are achieved by surgery and/or steroid injections. We offer both of these treatments at Oxford Skincare Clinic.

Prevention of new Keloid Scars after surgery

Silicon sheets can be very helpful once the wound has healed. They can be purchased from pharmacies or can be ordered online and can be used from the time that the wound is healed. You can also massage the area with any light oil (for example, bio-oil) as this can help to break up any scar tissue.

Ear Piercings and Keloids

Four weeks after surgery or steroid injections for ear piercing keloid scars, you can use magnets to apply pressure and prevent new keloid formation. These magnets can be purchased online very cheaply, but do ensure they are 10mm round neo-dynium magnets. Try to do this for six months.

What appointment should I book? 

In the first instance you will need to book a 'pre-operative appointment'. During this appointment your doctor will assess the keloids, discuss treatment options and outcomes, and provide an exact costing. We can usually get you booked in for the procedure within a few weeks.

Keloid scars: Insurance
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