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Lumps and bumps

For all lumps and bumps to be removed please book a 'pre-operative appointment' 

Lumps and bumps of the skin: Text


Usually you will find moles will grow until your mid 20’s, then you should acquire fewer new ones. You shouldn’t grow new moles after the age of 45. A new mole after this age should be regarded as suspicious and should be checked by a qualified doctor. Moles will often become paler and dome shaped with age but significant changes should always be checked.

Seborrhoeic Keratoses

Unsightly, with a stuck-on appearance often coffee-coloured. These are usually found on the back, chest, neck and face. On the back, they are usually lozenge-shaped. On the face, they can be irregular in shape.

Haemangiomas / Campbell de Morgan Spots

Little red dots, formed by small blood vessels under the skin. Sometimes up to 5mm in size, but usually much smaller.

Sun Damage

These are areas of flaky red skin, with an increased number of visible blood vessels. These areas may have patchy pigmentation of the underlying skin. These can be individual and feel rough, or widespread giving the skin a bumpy surface.

Skin tags

These are small harmless growths that hand off the skin.  They are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounded by skin.  Different to warts, skin tags tend to be smooth and soft. It is common to develop skin tags under the arms, on the neck or in the groin.


These are pale brown patches, produced by the skin after sun exposure.

Lumps and bumps of the skin: Insurance
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