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Botox and dermal fillers

We no longer offer these treatments. We strongly recommend you see a qualified doctor. We would never endorse a beautician or unqualified individual for these treatments.  Please see our personal recommendations below. 

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Dr Alison Warner

Alison runs Skin Solutions in Drayton, Abingdon. Alison trained as a GP, and has extensive experience in medicine, surgery and dermatology. Alison offers a range of laser treatments, chemical peels and micro-needling, alongside anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Dr Isabel Welch

Isabel runs the Elara clinic in Burford, Cotswolds. Isabel is trained as a GP, working in a local GP practice. She has a wealth of experience in dermatology, aesthetics and women's health. Isabel trained at the London School of Facial Aesthetics on Harley Street, is registered with the General Medical Council.

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