A different approach

Our private clinics are led by GPs who specialise in primary care gynaecology and female contraception, and who appreciate the significance of women’s experiences. We believe that people should have easy access to expert healthcare and be able to make informed choices, without suffering from pain, discomfort or embarrassment. 

From preventative care to examinations, treatments and second opinions, everything we do is based around your patient as an individual. Our personalised appointments give them the time to talk through their concerns and ask all their questions, which we’ll answer with expertise and understanding. Then, we’ll give them all the information they need to make the best decisions.

We encourage patients to self-refer, but also offer a GP referral system.  And because we have greater flexibility with appointments, we can offer shorter wait times and dates that fit in with your patient’s schedule or cycle. Then, we’ll discuss the best care pathways for them, whether it’s referral onto NHS secondary care, or connecting them with a private specialist consultant.

There’s nothing they can’t talk to us about, and they will always be taken seriously.

Caversham clinic now open